b6056af78d9ba06666cbc1ba0458dd26Huge thanks to the great photographer Igor Kopcek (who is from Slovakia like me) for the amazing photos!

Photos from Sweden Grand Prix in Malmö. I’m so happy I made the trip and stood on the stage at this competition. Amazing experience standing side by side with such great athletes, even though I didn’t make it to the finals. Maybe next year? We’ll see! But I already know that with hard work and persistence, I will reach my goals and fulfil my dreams.

My boyfriend says I’m too ambitious, which is according to him very attractive, but it also can be very stressfull. Living simple is the key. But what if I don’t want to live a simple life? What if I have dreams and know what I want. I say, enjoy the journey. Reaching your dreams is not the only part of your happiness, it’s the way, the obstacles and the hard work you’re doing to get to the top. That’s why I wake up every morning, get up and kick ass. No excuses. Because I know where I’m going and I intend to enjoy every single step. Most people don’t understand how I manage to work out every day, watch my diet, walk or run distances and enjoy all that, but if you fall in love with fitness life style, it’s forever. My daily activities are the moments I look forward to every morning. Every step on my way to my dreams counts. That’s why

Hope you all enjoy your journeys and chase your dreams with joy in your hearts!

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