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It’s time for some savory recipe! Sushi is one of my favorite dishes, but since I started with raw vegan diet I stopped liking rice so much. I eat it if there is no other option, for example vegan sushi in a sushi restaurant. But when I make it at home, I want it to be raw, light and juicy, made only of vegetables. I tried many raw vegan rice  alternatives, but parsnip rice is my absolute best! You have to try it to experience the taste of guilt free, light deliciousness. It’s low fat and contains very little calories, so it’s perfect for those that are trying to lose weight and got tired of their every day salad. I absolutely love and adore this recipe, must try!

Raw Vegan Parsnip Rice Sushi
Parsnip rice:
2 cups parsnip, chopped
1/3 cup pine nuts
1/2 cup zucchini, peeled and chopped
1/3 cup water
squeeze of lime juice

1 avocado, peeled, pitted and sliced
1 carrot, sliced longways
1 bunch of arugula
1 big portabello mushroom, sliced longways

Side dish:
1/2 cup shoyu or tamari
Fresh ginger, peeled and sliced

Raw wasabi:
1/2 avocado
3 Tbsp finely shredded horseradish

about 3 nori sheets

To make the parsnip rice: Place chopped parsnips in a food processor and shred by using shredding disc. Place zucchini, pine nuts, lime juice and water in a high speed blender and blend until smooth, use more water if needed. You want to get creamy mixture. Place your pine cream and shredded parsnips in a bowl and blend together.

Place a nori sheet on your bamboo mat and spread your parsnip rice to cover the bigger half with thin (not too much) layer. Place avocado slices, carrots, arugula and portabellos in the middle longways and roll up firmly. Use your fingers to press the filling in while rolling. Tap some drops of water on the edge of nori sheet to glue it together. Using sharp knife create sushi bites.

To make the raw wasabi: Blend all ingredients together using hand blender or high speed blender to make creamy mixture.

Serve your sushi bites with raw wasabi, ginger slices and shoyu or tamari.

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