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Since my upcoming competitions in bikini fitness are getting closer, I thought I’d write about my plans and preparations. Two months have passed since my last competiton and now it’s time to start to plan before the next season which will start in october. For this season I’m planing to compete at two competitions so far. Swedish nationals and Tyngre Classic II, both in october.

I try to work out as hard as I can to use the remaining time to gain some more mass, but soon it’s time to start with dieting and focus more on cutting fat. I gained only a few kilograms since my last show, so it’s not going to be any serious weight loss this time either I’m trying to keep my weight low even in the building process to spare my body from the significant ups and downs which could effect my muscle mass, energy levels and overall health negatively. I feel that I’m progressing and gaining muscles this way efficiently enough, so I’m not planning any excessive bulk period any time soon. I try to eat just a little above my BMR (basal metabolic rate) and it seems to work just fine for me. I wish I had a little more muscles, but I have to remind myself that I didn’t start my journey that long time ago, and I should be happy for how far I’ve progressed in such short time. And I am! I’m happy and proud of my achievments. I should also mention that I’m still eating vegan (mostly raw) diet as well. No meat, dairy or processed foods, mostly raw vegetables, fruits and vegan protein powder as my only supplement.

Another fun thing coming up – deciding the color and design of my new competition bikini! Not sure how it should look like yet, but I’m already sure that it’s going to be made by Sallut Design, since I was so satisfied with their amazing work the last time!

Now I’m already looking forward to the next competing season so much! I’m going to enjoy it to the fullest. Take care everybody!





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