November 25, 2014Fitness

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Very important part of my workout routine is leg day. It’s not so much about the legs as it’s about the glutes. As I already might have mentioned I’m planning on competing in bikini fitness next year and as some of you know, a bikini competitor never has too big glutes. That is why I do my leg workouts twice a week with focus on glutes and hamstrings. I have a love/hate relationship with my leg workouts. I really love to feel the burn in my glutes and legs knowing I’m doing it right, but there is no other kind of workout that makes me so exausted as the leg days. I just come home after the workout and want to sleep and regenerate my poor body.

Let me share some of my favorite leg exercises with you. I don’t include all of them in each of my workouts, I would do 4 or 5 of these exercises in one leg/glutes session.

1. Romanian deadlift: What I love about this exercise is the way it streches my legs. When I first started to do this exercise, I could not go as deep with the bar as I can now. It’s my most favorite exercise for glutes and hamstrings. Great burn.

2. Back squats: Squats are definitely a must. It’s a basic exercise working your leg muscles, glutes, hamstrings and even your core.

3. Bulgarian split squats: Great for glutes and quads. Allows you to focus on each leg separately.

4. Bridges: Another great one for glutes. I love this exercise and usually include in every leg workout.

5. Cable kick backs: Works glutes and hamstrings. Allows you focus on each leg.

6 Sumo squats: Glutes in focus. Make sure you go all the way down while performing this exercise, feel the burn.

7. Goblet squats: Simmilar to sumo squats, but instead of barbell on your back, you’re holding the weights in your hands.

These exercises are those that work for me. Try to include them in your workout routine to firm up your legs and glutes. I recommend you to research a little more about the exercises, maybe watch some videos, to see how to perform them the right way. Good luck!

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November 19, 2014Fitness

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This came today and made me super happy! I loved every second of this course. It was a very well made online course focusing on nutrition and health. I loved the lessons and I really feel like I expanded my knowlege in this area. What I really appreciated was the positive view on plant based diet. I specialize in plant based nutrition and raw food diet and I know how controversial this topic can be to many people. Listening to a university professor and certified dietitian talking about benefits and positive effects of plant based diet made me feel great about what I’m doing and what way of life I chose. No matter how often I hear people (mostly with no education in nutrition) talking down to plant based diets and coming up with reasons why it is important for human health to consume animal based food, I always see the science and results behind all kinds of vegetarian diets. So if you’re going the same way and you struggle with people trying to convince you that you’re destroying your health by leaving out meat or dairy products from your meal plan, think about the endless amount of positive stories of people beiing cured from all kinds of sicknesses, deseases or simply feeling and looking better thanks to a plant based diet! Results speak for themselves.

This was not my firs and definitely not my last course in nutrition.

In case you’re interested in my personalized meal plans, workout programs or health/fitness coaching, you can contact me via my email address contact@kristinaladecka.com 

// Toto dnes prišlo a spravilo môj deň! Každú sekundu tohto kurzu som si užila. Bol to výborný online kurz o výžive a zdraví. Všetky lekcie ma veľmi bavili a skutočne cítim, že som si rozšírila vedomosti v tejto oblasti. Čo som si skutočne cenila bol pozitívny pohľad na rastlinnú stravu. Špecializujem sa v rastlinnej a raw food strave a viem veľmi dobre aká kontroverzná vie byť táto téma pre bežnú spoločnosť. Počúvať univerzitnú profesorku a certifikovanú dietologičku hovoriť o benefitoch a pozitívnych účinkoch rastlinnej stravy ma skutočne utvrdilo v tom čo robím a v tom, akým smerom sa vo svojom živote uberám. Nezáleží na tom ako často počávam ľudí (väčšinou bez vzdelania vo výžive) kritizovať rastlinnú stravu a vymýšľať rôzne dôvody prečo je pre človeka dôležité príjmať živočísnu stravu, vždy pred sebou vidím vedu a výsledky v pozadí všetkých možných vegetariánskych typov stravy. Takže ak sa uberáte podobnou cestou a stretávate sa s negativitou ľudí, ktorí sa vás snažia presvedčiť, ze si ničíte zdravie, pomyslite si na to nekonečné množstvo pozitívnych príbehov ľudí vyliečených z rôznych chorôb či jednoducho ľudí cítiacich sa a vyzerajúcich lepšie vďaka rastlinnej strave! Výsledky hovoria samy za seba. 

Toto nebol môj prvý kurz vo výžive a určite nebude ani posledný.

V prípade, že máte záujem o vypracovanie jedálnička na mieru, tréningového programu, či poradenstvu vo výžive a fitness, môžete ma kontaktovať na contact@kristinaladecka.com

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November 13, 2014Recipes

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DSC_4842 copy

DSC_4837 copy

DSC_4832 copy

More of my recipes HERE

Are you up to some easy superfood recipe? Superfoods are foods with high nutrition value and provide you with an endless list of vitamins and minerals. They help to prevent cancer and strenghten your immunity system. Some of my favorite ones are goji berries, mulberries, hemp seeds, figs and blueberies. Superfoods are not only powdered or packeged foods labeled with the sign “Superfood”, there are many fresh fruits and vegetables with extra high nutrition value. Include some of them in your meals to boost your immunity and overall health!

Goji Hemp Milkshake with Raspberries
makes about 4 cups

1 cup shelled hemp seeds, soaked overnight
3 cups filtered water
1 tsp pure vanilla powder or 1/2 vanilla bean
1/2 cup dried goji berries, soaked overnight
1 cup raspberries
3 Tbsp raw agave nectar or other raw sweetener

Strain water from soaked hemp seeds and goji berries and place them in a high speed blender along with remaining ingredients. Blend until you get smooth, creamy texture. Pour in glasses, garnish with goji berries and sprinkle with hemp seeds.

//Jednoduchý recept na vynikajúce superfood smoothie. Superfoods sú potraviny s vysokou nutričnou hodnotou s obrovským obsahom vitamínov a minerálov. Pomáhajú bojovať proti rakovine a posilňujú imunitný systém. Zopár z mojich najobľúbenejších sú goji, moruše, konopné semiačka, figy a čučoriedky. Superfoods niesú len sušené produkty v obaloch s nápisom “Superfood”. Je mnoho druhov čerstvého ovocia a zeleniny radených medzi superfoods. Zaraďte niektoré z nich do svojho jedálnička pre posilnenie imunity a celkového zdravia.
Goji Konopný milkshake s malinami

cca 4 porcie

1 hrnček lúpaných konopných semiačok, namočených cez noc
3 hrnčeky čistej vody
1 čl vanilkového prášku alebo 1/2 vanilkového struku
1/2 hrnčeku sušených goji, namočených cez noc
1 hrnček malín (môžu byť mrazené)
3 PL raw kokosového nektáru alebo iného sladidla

Vylejeme vodu z namočených konopných semiačok a goji a vložíme do mixéru spolu s ostatnými ingredienciami. Mixujeme do hladka až kým nezískame krémovú konzistenciu. Nalejeme do pohárov, ozdobíme s goji a posypeme konopnými semiačkami.

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November 6, 2014Fitness

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Photo editing by megalit.se 

Hi you all! One of my most frequently asked question is how my workout routine looks like. Today I want to share some of my favorite back exercises with you. There are many effective exercises and it’s not quite possible to include all of them in your workout routine. It’s good to try more of them and see for yourself which ones work best for you. I usually do 5 sets of 8 – 10 reps in each exercise of my back workouts.

1. Seated rows. This is a perfect exercise for your back muscles. Make sure your back is straight and you pull the handle all the way towards you waist.
2. Barbell rows. Another great one for your back. Again, make sure your back is straight when performing this exercise. Works your upper back, lats and biceps.
3. Chin ups or pull ups. This exercise is a little tricky for beginners so it’s good to have a workout partner to support you. You can also use a pull up machine.
4. Bent over dumbbell rows. Perfect exercise for your upper back and lats. It allows you to concentrate on one arm only while the free hand helps you balance and staying stable.
5. High-pulley cable face pull. I recently included this exercise in my back workouts and I love the way it works my upper and lower traps. Highly recommended.

More of my exercises in my future posts. Have a great day!

// Zdravím všetkých! Jedna z najčastejších otázok, ktoré dostávam je otázka ako vyzerá môj bežný tréning. Dnes som sa rozhodla podeliť sa s vami o pár z mojich obľúbených cvikov na chrbát. Existuje veľké množstvo efektívnych cvikov no nieje možné zaradiť všetky do svojho tréningového plánu. Preto je dobré vyskúšať rôzne cviky a príst na to, ktoré vám vyhovujú najviac. Pri mojich tréningoch chrbta zvyknem robiť 5 sérií 8 – 10-tich opakovaní pri každom cviku.

1. Veslovanie na spodnej kladke v sede. Toto je skvelý cvik pre chrbtové svalstvo. Uistite sa, že je váš chrbát v správnej vystretej polohe pri vykonávaní cviku a pritiahnite rúčku kladky smerom k pásu. 
2. Príťahy činky k hrudníku v predklone. Ďalší skvelý cvik na chrbát. Znova sa uistite, že je chrbát vo vystretej polohe. Posiluje celé chrbtové svalstvo.
3. Príťahy na hrazde. Tento cvik môže byť náročný pre začiatočníkov a vyžaduje si pomoc druhej osoby. Môžete využiť aj stroj na zhyby s dopomocou. 
4. Príťahy činky v predklone na lavičke. Tento cvik umožňuje dobrú koncentráciu na jednú ruku kým druhá podporuje stabilizáciu a balans.
5.  High-pulley cable face pull. Názov tohto cviku sa mi nepodarilo vyhľadať v slovenčine, kto vie, kludne mi napíšte. Považujem ho však za veľmi efektívny takže určite odporáčam vyhľadať si ho a skúsiť.

Ďalšie z mojich cvikov v mojich budúcich príspevkoch. Želám krasny deň!

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October 25, 2014Fashion

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Photo editing by megalit.se

I’m wearing skirt from Vila, top and necklace form Ginatricot and watch from Swatch

I miss this summer so much. I had such a great time! I’m not sure how I’m going to survive this cold season yet. Even though I love snow, I hate rainy, foggy weather and mud. I’m the kind of person who would thrive in the tropics, beach tanning and ocean swimming every day.

Although I didn’t visit any tropical place this year, I was traveling a little, visiting my family in Slovakia. Traveling and staying on track with your diet and workout schedule can be tough, but definitely can be done. It requires dedication and prioritizing. I didn’t experience any perfection, but I did the best I could. Find a gym is not a problem, they’re everywhere, so no excuses. Healthy food? Fruits and veggies are sold in any grocery store. Grab a fruit insted of chocolate bar, or something worse, when waiting for your flight or train. Choose places with a menu for eating out, like vegetarian or vegan restaurants. I know those are not everywhere, but at least one in every city.

It’s as easy as that, those who want, will always find a solution, focus on your goals. Don’t ever forget that the person who you’re doing it for is yourself.

// Strašne mi chýba toto leto. Mala som sa úžasne. Niesom si istá ako prežijem toto chladné obdobie. Aj keď milujem sneh, neznášam upršané, hmlisté počasie a blato. Son ten typ človeka, ktorému najviac prospieva horúce tropické slnko, opaľovanie na pláži a plávanie v oceáne.

Aj keď som tento rok nenavštívila žiadnu tropickú krajinu, trochu som cestovala a navštívila moju rodinu na Slovensku. Cestovanie a udržanie svojho stravovacieho a tréningového plánu môže byť miernou výzvou, no rozhodne je to možné. Vyžaduje si to odohodlanie a ujasnene priority. Ja ososbne som určite nedodržala všetko perfektne, no rozhodne som urobila čo bolo v mojich silách. Nájsť posilňovňu nieje žiadny problém, sú všade, takže žiadne výhovorky. Zdravá strava? Ovocie a zeleninu nájdete v každých potravinách. Siahnite po ovocí namiesto čokolády či niečoho horšieho kým čakáte na svoj let či vlak. Vyberte miesta so zdravým menu keď jete vonku, napríklad vegetariánske či vegánske reštaurácie. Viem, že tie niesú všade, no minimálne jedna taká v každom meste

Je to ľahšie než sa môže zdať. Tí, ktorí chcú, riešenie vždy nájdu. Sústreďte sa na svoje ciele. Nikdy nezabudnite, že osoba pre, ktorú to všetko robíte ste vy sami. 

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October 20, 2014Recipes

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You can find more of my recipes HERE

Fresh and easy dinner idea. Raw zucchini pasta is one the best you can eat on raw vegan diet. It’s easy to make and it tastes just like pasta, although it contains very little calories so it’s perfect if you’re trying to keep your weight or lose a few pounds. If you don’t have a spiralizer, you can use julienne peeler and create long stripes of zucchini, carrots or other veggies. Top it with nut cheese sauce and vegetables of your choice. You can also try one of my favorite recipes for this dish, hope you’ll like it!

// Tip pre jednoduchú, ľahkú večeru. Raw cuketové cestoviny sú jedným z toho najlepšieho čo raw food strava ponúka. Sú jednoduché na prípravu a chutia úplne ako cestoviny, obsahujú ale omnoho menej kalórií a sú tak vhodné v prípade že sa snažíte udržať si postavu či zhodit nejaké to kilo. Ak nevlastníte špirálovač, môžte použiť obyčajnú škrabku na zemiaky a vytvoriť tak dlhé rezance z cukety, mrkvy či inej zeleniny. Polejte ich omáčkou z namočených orieškov a ozdobte zeleninou podľa vlastnej chuti. Môžte vyskúšat aj môj obľúbený recept pre túto dobrotu, snáď vám bude chutiť!


2 big zucchinis, peeled and spiralized or cut julienne
2 medium carrots, peeled and spiralized or cut julienne
1 cup cherry tomatoes, sliced
1 cup arugula
couple of leaves of basil

1/4 cup pine nuts, soaked overnight
1/2 big zucchini, peeled and chopped
1/3 cup fresh basil
1/2 cup water
1 Tbsp nutritional yeast (optional)
pinch of himalayan salt

Put your spiralized zucchini and carrot in big bowl and set aside. Place pine nuts, 1/2 zucchini, basil, water and nutritional yeast in a food processor and blend until you get smooth, creamy sauce. If needed, use more water to get the creamy consistence. Pour over the “pasta” and serve on a plate. Top with arugula, cherry tomatoes and leaves of basil.


2 veľké cukety
2 stredné mrkvy
1 hrnček cherry paradajok
1 hrnček rukoly
pár lístkov čerstvej bazalky

1/4 hrnčeka píniových orieškov, namočených cez noc
1/2 veľkej cukety
1/3 hrnčeka čerstvej bazalky
1/2 hrnčeka vody
1 PL lahôdkového droždia (nemusí byť)
štipka himalájskej soli 

Umyjeme a očistíme 2 cukety a mrkvy a pomocou špirálovača vytvoríme “cestoviny”. Ak nieje k dispozícii špirálovač, použijeme nôž alebo klasickú škrabku na zemiaky a vytvárame dlhé rezance.
Všetky ingrediencie na omáčku vložíme do mixéra a mixujeme dohladka. Polejeme nou cuketove a mrkvové cestoviny a ozdobíme rukolou, cherry paradajkami a bazalkou.

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October 14, 2014Fashion

Photos and editing by megalit.sekristinaladecka-fashion-blog-jacket-studs





Jacket – Nelly / Skirt – Monki / Blouse – Monki / Earrings and necklace – Ginatricot / Boots – Cheap Monday / Bag – Pieces

There are so many beautiful places in Sweden. These photos were taken close to my place by the river, very cozy place. Here you can see an example of my autumn casual/elegant outfit. Comfy boots, skirt and jacket. I like to dress elegant even for a casual day. Lady in the streets, freak in the gym as they say.

// Vo Švédsku je také množstvo nádherných miest. Tieto fotky boli odfotené blízko miesta kde bývam, pri rieke. Veľmi príjemné miesto. Na týchto fotkách môžte vidieť príklad môjho jesenného civilno elegantného outfitu. Pohodlné čižmičky, sukňa a bunda. Rada sa obliekam elegantne aj v bežné dni. Ako sa hovorí: Lady in the streets, freak in the gym.

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October 11, 2014Fitness

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fitness-body2013 45kg

bild-502014 48kg



About three years ago I started to be interested in healthy diet and fitness. I became vegetarian and tried to move towards vegan and raw vegan diet. I started to run. Transitioning to a new diet and dealing with my health problems caused me to lose some weight. I was never fat, but I was definitely not fit, so I happened to like the way my body changed. I felt much better in a slimmer body (even though many assumed that me being slimmer is something negative), running felt easier than ever and raw foods gave me incredible energy for all kinds of sport activities. I used to work out in the gym too, but my workouts were not very effective since I spent more time on the treadmill than with the dumbels.

By the time I started to work with online coaching and sharing my experiences with raw vegan diet I began to realize how people are skeptical towards raw veganism combined with fitness. I believed that building muscles on this diet is not only possible, but very effective. But how could I prove it? There are many great examples of successful athletes eating raw, but I don’t know any of them personaly. I decided that it was about time I started with some serious workout and see myself and what my body is capable of.

You can see the results yourself. I’ve been working out seriously only for a couple of months and compared to my friends that worked out as hard and frequently as me on a regular fitness diet, I’m not worse than them in any way. I actually think I have more energy and better health, I almost never get sick, so I don’t have to take long brakes from workouts.

My fitness journey has only begun, but I’m determind to continue and strive for the best possible physique I can achieve. My goal is to show that meat and dairy, or any of the magical supplements people rely on are not the only way to results. The most important is your hard work, well balanced diet, healthy, strong body and dedication.

// Približne pred dvoma rokmi som sa začala zaujímať o zdravu stravu a fitness. Stala som sa vegetariánkou a snažila sa hýbať smerom vegánstva a raw food stravy. Začala som behať. Prechod na novú stravu a riešenie mojich zdravotných problémov spôsobilo, že som dosť schudla. V novom štíhlejšom tele som sa cítila výborne (napriek tomu, že mnohí považovali moju zmenu za čosi negatívne), zrazu sa mi ľahšie behalo a raw strava mi dodávala úžasnú energiu na rôzne športové aktivity. Navštevovala som aj fitness centrum, no môj tréning nebol veľmi efektívny keďže som trávila viac času na bežiacom páse ako pri činkách.

V čase keď som začala pracovať s online coachingom a zdiľala svoje skúsenosti s raw food stravou, zčala som si uvedomovať skepticizmus ludí voči kombinácii tejto stravy a fitnessu. Ja som verila, že budovanie svalstva na tejto strave je nielen možné, ale aj veľmi efektívne. No ako to môžem dokázať? Existuje mnoho skvelých príkladov úspešných športovcov ktorí sa venujú raw strave, no žiadného z nich nepoznám osobne. Rozhodla som sa, že je na čase začat s poriadnym tréningom a presvedčiť sa na vlastné oči čoho je moje telo schopné.

Vvýsledky môžte vidieť sami. Intenzívne posilujem iba iba niekoľko mesiacov a v porovnaní s mojími známimi, ktoré cvičia rovnako tvrdo a cašto ako ja, no stravujú sa klasickou fitness stravou, niesú moje výsledky o nič horšie. Vlastne si myslím, že mám viac energie a lepšie zdravie, takmer nikdy neprechladnem a nemusím teda svoje tréningy na dlhú dobu prerušiť.

Moja cesta sa ešte len začala, no som rozhodnutá pokračovať a snažiť sa dosiahnúť tú najlepšiu možnú formu akú som schopná dosiahnúť. Môj cieľ je dokázať, že mäso, mliečne výrobky či akékoľvek magické doplnky stravy, na ktoré sa ľudia tak spoliehajú, niesú jedinou cestou k vysledkom. Najdôležitejšia je tvrdá práca, vyvážená strava, zdravé, silné telo a odhodlanie.

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October 6, 2014Recipes

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DSC_0861 copy


This gorgeous healthy cake is one of the tastiest things I ever made. What is so healthy about this beauty? Well it doesn’t contain any sugar, gluten, milk or any kind of processed food. It’s 100% raw vegan and it’s the best treat for you, your love, family or anybody else you want to make happy. So easy to make and so delicious!


makes 1 9 inch/20 cm cake

1 cup sunflower seeds
2 cups dates, pitted
1/2 vanilla stalk

Chocolate cream
5 big ripe avocados, pealed and pitted
1 big ripe banana, pealed
2 cups dates, pitted
1/4 cup raw cocoa powder

pinch of cinnamon

Cashew vanilla cream
1 1/2 cup cashews, soaked overnight
2 big ripe bananas
1/2 vanilla stalk
4 Tbsp raw coconut nectar (or more if needed)

1 9 inch/20 cm springform
5 strawberries, sliced

For the crust: Combine all ingredients in a food processor and process until you get dough like mixture. Line your springform with a nonstick sheet and press the dough in to create a crust.
For the chocolate cream: Combine all ingredients in a high speed blender and blend until smooth. Pour into the springform and place in freezer.
For the cashew cream blend all ingreadients in a high speed blender until smooth. Place in freezer for about 45 minutes for it to firm. Once the frosting is chilled, place in a pastry bag and pipe over the top of the cake.
Place in the freezer to set until firm, for about 3 hours. Then remove the springform and top with strawberries. Serve and enjoy!

More of my recipes HERE

//Táto nádherná, zdravá torta je hádam to najchutnejšie co som kedy vytvorila. Čo je na nej také zdravé? Neobsahuje žiadny cukor, glutén, mlieko ani nič rafinované. Je 100% raw vegan a je perfektným potešením pre každého! Jednoduchá príprava a užasná chuť!

Recept v slovenčine nájdete TU

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August 21, 2014Uncategorized
Autumn in Sweden

Autumn is in the air. I’m a summer weather lover, I love heat, sun, beaches and fresh picked fruits, but this cozy rainy weather is growing on me. Even though I’m going to miss the heat, I’m looking forward to all perks of this season. The colorful side ways full of fallen leaves, wind in my hair, chilly evening walks and darker nights. Autumn is cool.

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