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Very important part of my workout routine is leg day. It’s not so much about the legs as it’s about the glutes. As I already might have mentioned I’m planning on competing in bikini fitness next year and as some of you know, a bikini competitor never has too big glutes. That is why I do my leg workouts twice a week with focus on glutes and hamstrings. I have a love/hate relationship with my leg workouts. I really love to feel the burn in my glutes and legs knowing I’m doing it right, but there is no other kind of workout that makes me so exausted as the leg days. I just come home after the workout and want to sleep and regenerate my poor body.

Let me share some of my favorite leg exercises with you. I don’t include all of them in each of my workouts, I would do 4 or 5 of these exercises in one leg/glutes session.

1. Romanian deadlift: What I love about this exercise is the way it streches my legs. When I first started to do this exercise, I could not go as deep with the bar as I can now. It’s my most favorite exercise for glutes and hamstrings. Great burn.

2. Back squats: Squats are definitely a must. It’s a basic exercise working your leg muscles, glutes, hamstrings and even your core.

3. Bulgarian split squats: Great for glutes and quads. Allows you to focus on each leg separately.

4. Bridges: Another great one for glutes. I love this exercise and usually include in every leg workout.

5. Cable kick backs: Works glutes and hamstrings. Allows you focus on each leg.

6 Sumo squats: Glutes in focus. Make sure you go all the way down while performing this exercise, feel the burn.

7. Goblet squats: Simmilar to sumo squats, but instead of barbell on your back, you’re holding the weights in your hands.

These exercises are those that work for me. Try to include them in your workout routine to firm up your legs and glutes. I recommend you to research a little more about the exercises, maybe watch some videos, to see how to perform them the right way. Good luck!


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